Bicycle Wheel Decor

{Written by: Jen}

Bicycle Wheel Decor - A Mrs. & A Mama

My husband and I have been wanting to hang up more family photos and art in our house to fill some of our walls. I recently saw similar projects on, you guessed it, Pinterest. I’ve had a Huffy brand cruiser bike hanging out in our garage for a few years collecting dust. I decided its fate would be new wall art and a recycling center.

After removing the wheels and cleaning them thoroughly we brought them inside and hung them on the wall with a few nails. Yep, that easy, just nails to hang it. We originally planned to remove the tires but they were cute with the white walls and still in great shape so we left them on. The rest of the bicycle ended up at a scrap metal recycler (not a landfill).

Bicycle Wheel Decor - A Mrs. & A Mama

We used two different sized clothes pins to hang up some different little paintings and other random memorabilia from around the house.

We love it!


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