The Mrs.

My daughter is really on me to get this done so here we go.

 I’m Susi the Mrs. Jen is my daughter the Mama. We thought we’d put our heads, hearts and craftiness together and see what we could do with it.

About me: I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister and most recently grandmother. These titles all define me. I am married to Steve a terrific husband and all around really good man. I am a mother of three; Jeff, Jen and Griffen and recently a grandmother of two; Taylor and Molly.

I wouldn’t call myself artistic so much as a crafty re-purposer. I love to make things out of other things. Give me the odd piece of scrap or junk and I’ll give you something *shiny and sparkly* {maybe I was a ferret in another life, I really do like anything *sparkly*}

A few years ago my husband and I bought what we hope will be our final house, our little cottage in Northern Nevada. It was quite a wreck when we bought it but we have both always dreamed of fixing up an old house. Well five years later and many projects down the road, at least we can’t feel the cold air seeping in any more.

On this blog Jen and I will try to share some of our crafts, home improvements, cooking and baking adventures. We love to bake and I can never seem to get enough cake. Let’s not forget to mention our failures too, we’ll be sharing those with everyone as well. Please share with us too, we would love to hear from you.



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