The Mama

Hi I’m Jen! {Insert cheesy smile} Daughter of the Mrs. (Susi) and married mother of two of my own.

Currently I work full-time as an Office Manager at a recycling company. In my free time I enjoy taking care of my family and crafting/shopping/baking/ hanging out with my mom. I am addicted to Pinterest and am currently hoarding away tons of craft supplies to attempt some of the projects I have seen. So far not much has been accomplished; between working full-time, chasing around two small kids (2 1/2 and 10 months), being a loving wife, and keeping house and home there is little time left over.

I married my wonderful husband, Shane in October 2010 just 5 short months after our oldest daughter Taylor was born. 13 months after the wedding Molly was born. Quite the whirlwind of building our family. Our plan is to hold off on expanding our brood until we buy a house and get at least one kid potty trained.

My mom and I have decided why not start sharing all the stuff we do manage to have time to create and bake. We will keep you in the loop of all of our goings on from life in general to crafts to sewing to kid’s activities, baking/cooking, and entertainment to decorating. We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions or just have something to share please do not hesitate to reach out. I don’t bite, I promise. {Biting is a no-no in this house} {Oh jeez, yes, I am a dork}


2 thoughts on “The Mama

  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. I loved reading about you! I think you’d find a whole lot of bloggers out there with a craft hoarding closet for future Pinterest projects. 😉

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