Toddler Quiet Activity

{Written by: Jen}

This was a quick and easy project I put together to entertain Taylor while I’m in the kitchen cooking or baking. I took an old formula container (we use the Target Sensitive formula for Molly), and covered it with some construction paper I had and glued it in place. You could also use an oatmeal container, or a small box. I cut a small square hole in the lid with a kitchen knife. I did a quick little doodle on the outside and filled the container with different sized pom pom balls. Just like that, a quiet activity for my daughter to play with. She is especially entertained by trying to push the larger pom poms through the small hole. It will easily keep her distracted for 20-30 minutes. I do keep it out of reach of Molly though, for fear she will attempt to eat all of the little pom poms.


Do you have any quiet activities that you do with your children?



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