Early Retirement

{Written by: The Mrs.}

I have recently retired from work. Sometimes you just know you can’t run the race any more. I am a homebody at ♥. It is my joy, my passion and my sanity. After years in the workforce I am spending these first, what I thought would be weeks, but are now slowly turning into months getting my house in order. Cleaning, organizing, cooking and lots of baking. {What am I going to do with all these cookies?} You will hear no complaints from me, this has always been what I was meant to do.  She ain’t called “Susi Homemaker” for nothing. Nonetheless I am still readjusting. So now I am a stay at home what? Wife? Yes. Mother? Yes, but the chicks have flown the coop. Grandmother? Yes, yes yes; the best job title ever, all the hugs and kisses you can stand and none of the tantrums. My beautiful granddaughters inspire so much creativity.


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