Dry Erase Shopping List

{Written by: Jen}

I am an organizing fanatic. I love for everything to be in its place and looking pretty. I’m sure you have all seen similar projects going around Pinterest right now, which is admittedly where my inspiration came from.

I constantly have a shopping list going. Susi, the lucky homeowner, has this beauty in her kitchen.

Me on the other hand am still the dweller of a lovely rental.  Usually I have one of those magnet notepads hanging on the fridge, but I have been longing for something prettier. With the Pinterest inspiration in my mind and some random supplies lying around the house I went to work. {Not much of a job, this project took less than 5 minutes}

The best thing about this project is that for me it was FREE!


  • 8×10 Picture Frame
  • Pretty Scrap Paper
  • Command Strips
  • Dry erase markers

This is mostly self-explanatory, but please allow me to elaborate. Place paper inside of frame. Stick command strips to back of frame. Stick to fridge. Voila! Presto Chango – we have new shopping list for the fridge.

Hind-sight really is 20/20. I probably should have used a less bold paper, but again these were things I had lying around the house. {And I am a complete sucker for anything with the chevron pattern}

What do ya think?



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