DIY Dry Erase Calendar

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{Written by: The Mama}

Dry Erase Calendar - A Mrs. & A Mama

Okay so I’ve been putting in my fair share of Pinterest surfing hours; I’m sure most of you can relate. I kept coming across cute pins for dry erase calendars – most made from paint chips. Well my husband has been asking that we put up a calendar for a while now, and I really could not bring myself to buy an ugly store-bought calendar. Queue the Pinterest project. I had a fairly large print (24″x28″) that my mom had given me with the perfect frame for the project. The print is actually really cool but I think it needs an updated frame, like a chunky dark wooden one.


I measured my frame and went to work planning the execution. I may have over thought this part, but I wanted to make sure it looked even and nice in the end.


After the OCD planning it was time to start browsing the Silhouette store for the shapes I wanted to use. From there I landed on a green and black color scheme; this will be hanging in our kitchen and our accent color is apple green. I ran to Michael’s craft store for my papers and thought I would be using a poster board for the background…..but a few different stores I went to do not make poster boards in 24×28 only 22×28. I was kind of crushed. I didn’t want to have to piece anything together and have ugly seams.

Then the hubs suggested I use fabric. BRILLIANT! I flipped the existing print over (which was mounted to a board inside the frame) and wrapped the fabric around it. The fabric we picked almost didn’t work, the polka dot print was very bold, I ended up having to add an additional layer of sheer white fabric over top to make it a little more subtle.

Once that was resolved I cut all of my shapes out with my Silhouette Cameo. Side note: If you are new to your Silhouette, be sure that you adjust the actual blade in your machine not just the cut settings on your computer. I totally forgot that and wasted a bunch of paper because it wasn’t cutting through all the way (totally lame, I know). Also, be sure your blade is placed all the way into the cartridge and locked down (this was a bit of advice from my mom). And now for a glimpse into the glamorous life of living in a tiny rental condo, my living room floor craft room….


I played around a bit with placement and had originally intended to use a ruler to lay every square, but I’m impatient so I eyeballed it.



Dry Erase Calendar - A Mrs. & A Mama

Dry Erase Calendar - A Mrs. & A Mama

I used double sided tape to attach the larger pieces on and an extra strength Elmer’s gluestick for the smaller pieces. The black boarder between the calendar and “notes” section was ribbon.

My husband helped reassemble the frame and I love it! We can write on the glass and keep all of our appointments and our work out schedule perfectly on track.


9 thoughts on “DIY Dry Erase Calendar

  1. Such a cool idea! I just got a silhouette, but I haven’t had time to learn how to use it yet. I love your project. For those without a silhouette, I bet they could cut up paint swatches somehow to make the days of the week. Maybe even in an ombre effect. (Oh, boy. The wheels are spinning!) Great job.

    Thanks for visiting me and commenting at OneCreativeMommy. I would love it if you shared some of your great ideas at The party is open Fri-Wed each week. Hope to see you there! (Opens Thursdays at 8 pm MST)

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