Cookie Exchange Party

{Written by: The Mrs.}

About a week ago my good friend, Rhonda had a Cookie Exchange at her house. If you’ve never been to one of these then the next time someone invites you, GO! Lots of Fun! 
The way her party was set up was we each made a single kind of cookie and the amount you brought was enough for each person invited to take six home. We also each brought a couple extras to share and munch on during the party. This sounds like a lot of cookies but it worked out to around six dozen each. 
To have something else to do at the party we all brought an appetizer, so lots of eating.
A couple of the ladies brought craft supplies for ornament making.
The ornaments were kind of a free thought thing (amazing how unimaginative I can be when put on the spot like that). Mine were horrible.
Most of the others were pretty cute though. 
And there was a little breakage, Molly broke hers!
When the party was over we plated up our hoard of cookies and brought them home. I let my husband be the judge as to which cookie he thought was best. 
He picked one called Junk in the Trunk made by Teresa! Awesome! This cookie has everything including the kitchen sink in it. YUMMY!
All were fabulous though and we’re still noshing on them. I will post a few of the recipes  including Junk in the Trunk, in the upcoming days but for today I hope you enjoy the party pictures. 
Happy Holidays!

12 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange Party

  1. That looks like you guys had a great time

    Thank you so much for following. I’m a little late following back (via FB and google+), but I am now. hope you have a fantastic 2013

    • It does look like likes of fun. I had plans to attend with my mom but got what I believe was food poisoning the night I was supposed to bake all of my cookies. I would love to do a cookie decorating party with my kiddos, I’m probably a few more years away from that though. – Jen

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