Play Day with Grandma

{Written by: The Mrs.}

So last weekend I got to spend the day with my granddaughters. I planned a few holiday activities and we had us some fun.
One of the simplest things my 2 year old granddaughter,  Taylor, and I had fun with was Christmas cookies. I didn’t want to lose her attention with the baking process so we skipped right to the fun part- decorating! We used simple store bought refrigerator sugar cookies sliced them and let her decorate! She loved sprinkling the sprinkles, toooo much fun.
IMG_3069 IMG_3068 IMG_3070 IMG_3067
Next we made paper Christmas chains. I got the strips of paper ready at my house with a paper-cutter. I brought those and a glue stick with me. Taylor was able to “color” the glue onto the strips and I helped her make the loops and continue the chain. This was a very age appropriate project she caught on fast and was happy to see the chain growing.
Our next project was snow globes. I admit I was over reaching with this one. I think I just really wanted to make snow globes, but we gave it a shot. My daughter had saved some baby food jars for me and I brought some little, tiny itsy-bitsy  Hallmark ornaments that my mother in law used to collect. I removed the loop hanger on the top with a pair of pliers and hot glued the trinkets that Taylor choose to the top underside of the jar lid. We included a little tree and then filled the jar portion with a very little bit of fake snow. Screw the lid onto the jar and flip it over. You have a snow globe! I hot glued a ribbon and bow around the jar lid bottom to finish it off. Came out pretty cute but I have to admit Taylor was much more interested in playing with the trinkets than making the snow globes.
IMG_3075 IMG_3074 IMG_3073 IMG_3076 IMG_3071
And what did I do with my adorable 1-year-old granddaughter Molly while all this was going on? Well I just let her have fun, isn’t that what grandmas do?
I sure love being a grandma and am so lucky to get to spend time like this with
IMG_3060 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3061
Don’t forget to have some fun with your loved ones this Holiday season.

6 thoughts on “Play Day with Grandma

  1. Hi Jen, thanks so much for stopping over and taking the time to comment on my blog. It’s great to connect with you.

    Your girls are sooooo adorable and precious. I have girls too- 3 of them! It’s all pink and fluffy in this house too! 😀 I love that your blog is mother/daughter related too.

    And looks as though Taylor and Molly were spoilt rotten with Grandma, just how it should be. Those happy smiles are making me melt. So very cute.

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