Chocolate Kiss Pie Cookies

{Written By: The Mrs.}

Simplest cookie ever!
Chocolate Kiss Pies - A Mrs. & A Mama
  • Chocolate kisses
  • Frozen flat pie dough, thawed
  • 1 Egg white whisked w/ 1 Tbsp. water
  • Sugar
Okay these cookies are so quick and easy. I saw them on Pinterest of course.
Recipe from the Picky Palate
All you do is lay out your pie dough, I recommend rolling it a little thinner than it comes from the store, like 1/8 of an inch,  the thinner the better.
Then I used a biscuit cutter and cut out circles until I was out of crust. I placed an (unwrapped-yeah, I know, you would think I wouldn’t have to say that- but just to be safe) kiss in the center.
Then dipped my fingers in water and pinched up the sides using my wet finger to help the dough stick. You want to be sure they are pinched well, as they will puff a little as they cook and if they aren’t pinched well they will just open up and lay flat. 
Mix the egg white with the tbsp of water and brush your little pinch pies.
Chocolate Kiss Pies - A Mrs. & A Mama
Sprinkle with sugar and bake at 350* for between 16-18 minutes. Watch them, as the egg wash and sugar will want to make the edges darken just like a real pie.
Made about 24
These are super fabulous and great with a big cold glass of milk. My husband ate 6 at lunch today!

23 thoughts on “Chocolate Kiss Pie Cookies

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  3. i’ve not seen this cookie before, and it actually reminds me of hamantashn, a cookie we make for the jewish holiday of purim. it’s triangle shaped dough with fruit inside, usually, but we do choc chips in peanut butter. yum! happy holidays!

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