First Time with my Silhouette Cameo

{Written by: The Mama}

So over the Thanksgiving holiday I jumped on the black friday bandwagon and with my husband’s go-ahead, ordered myself a Silhouette Cameo. I managed to find the link that included the Designer Edition software for free. I also ordered a vinyl starter kit, heat transfer starter kit, 2 spatulas (1 for me, 1 for mom), 2 sets of sketch pens (1 for me, 1 for mom), a fabric blade, and adhesive backed cardstock. It was a pretty great deal, with shipping I only paid $330 for everything.

I finally had a chance to play with some of it yesterday while the girls were napping. I had a slight idea of a few things that might happen because my mom ordered hers a month ago and had some trial and error already.


So if you haven’t gotten a chance to use one here is what I encountered. I used standard 12″x12″ scrapbook paper and selected the standard patterned paper setting. The first time you use the cutting mat, it will be very sticky. After making my cuts I went to pull my paper off of the mat, and it tore in some places (you can see that below). Some pieces were actually rather difficult to pull off, this is where the spatula comes in handy. I have seen a few tips online about conditioning your cutting mat but haven’t tried any yet.



The programing seems slightly intimidating at first but is really quite simple and easy to play with and manipulate your images.

More to come to come after I actually make something… stay tuned.

What were your first Cameo experiences?



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