OCD Christmas Lights

{Written by: The Mrs.}

My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and I am probably the only one who can truly appreciate his (as my daughter would put it) OCD tendencies. But boy, here is a time where they come in handy. He has created a system for hanging our Christmas lights and just perfectly. This perfection suits my OCD tendencies just fine.

The trick to it was several lengths of 2″ by 6′ firing strips. You would need as many as the length of the front of your house. He drilled holes ever few inches to hold the sockets and pulled the bulb covers from the lights and put them back on the other side of  the wood. This will hold them all in place. Every 6 feet on the underside of our fascia boards he drilled a hole for a screw and a corresponding hole in the firing strip to hang the boards, I should mention also that he pre painted the boards to match our house trim color. This sounds like a lot of work but you only have to do all this once and not each following year. 
So hang the strips to the under side of the fascia boards……and
Ta Da!
Fabulous perfectly hung Christmas Lights!
When the season is over you remove the screws from the fascia boards and stack the lengths of wood back and forth in a zig zag type pile (don’t remove the lights from the wood strips). We put the stack of light strips in our attic space. The lights stay terrifically untangled this way and very easy to check for outages.
Yes, yes I know most people wouldn’t go to this trouble for Christmas lights but we love it, they’ve come out perfect for the last couple of years without a hassle and take him about 40 minutes to re-hang each year.
Like I said OCD,  but Purdy!
Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “OCD Christmas Lights

  1. I love Christmas lights! What a great tip! My husband goes bonkers and is probably the complete opposite when it comes to hanging our lights outside. This year I asked him to have a plan before he went crazy haha! I came home and just laughed – lights everywhere!

    • Crazy too much and crazy too neat are both wonderful, at least they have the holiday spirit! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! Tell your hubby I said yeah go lights! Go Clark Griswold!

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