Santa Beard Advent

{Written by: The Mama}


I am so proud of myself, I accomplished a craft this weekend. With Taylor being 2 1/2 this year she is finally starting to understand Christmas. I had to get an advent made or purchased stat! I came across this adorable Santa’s beard advent calendar at  Oopsey Daisy .

I pulled out my craft totes (our condo is so tiny that I have to store everything in totes stacked in the garage) and rummaged through my goodies. I had a fair amount of scrap-book paper so I pulled together a few colors and some felt for Santa’s hat. Each piece of Santa had a different texture which I think really added to the project. There wasn’t really a science to it. I just eyeballed the shapes I needed and used some good old Elmer’s school glue to hold it all together. Each day Taylor will add one cotton ball to Santa’s beard. The little poem goes like this:

Santa’s beard is very bare,

on his chin there is no hair.

So each day,

add one puff of white

And when they are all on,

he will come that night.


I must give my husband credit too, he was into this and helped me through the whole project, which shocked me a little. He is super proud of the symmetrical mustache. 😉 Taylor was so excited! Hope you like it.



7 thoughts on “Santa Beard Advent

  1. This is adorable! I remember doing this as a child, but we just had little paper copies to work with. Your version is very nice. You may like some of my things at Maddalee, also. Thank you for sharing at Craft O Maniac.

    Have a good day, Nancy

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