Thanksgiving Casualties

{Written by: The Mrs.}

Every Thanksgiving in every family there is a little drama.
This year we headed down to southern California and went for a trifecta of events: A memorial for a long-lost loved one, a family reunion, and my birthday. Oh yeah, and Thanksgiving. So I guess it’s not a trifecta, what is it if its four events a quadecta?
As it turned out, as much as several of us (me, my Mom & Sis) were worried it would go wrong in one way or another, but, it was the best holiday ever. A great group of people showed up for the reunion, the memorial was heartfelt and heart warming, food was plentiful (8 pies for goodness sake) and the best ever , and I have to say if you’re just having a random year birthday (you know not a milestone) do it during a family reunion,  even I got enough attention. Not to mention cake! Great cake!
But……….even during the best holidays, you can always count on a few casualties (not talking human casualties). Here are ours:
A dead lizard in the driveway – not sure what happened to the poor guy. Wrong place, wrong time.
And a chocolate pie that just couldn’t take the over crowding in the fridge and jumped to its death, poor pie. My sister was really upset; she hadn’t had any chocolate pie yet.
So those are this year’s casualties; I hope everybody and their families had a wonderful holiday!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Casualties

  1. Jumping over from My Crazy Beautiful Life blog link party. Love that a mom and daughter write this together! My fifteen year old just things my blogging is dumb. 😦

    I can’t understand why a chocolate pie would jump to its death like that. Pie suicide is never good! Someone needs to make your sister another pie so she can have some!


    • Jenny you are too funny, love your blog by the way. You’re daughter will probably come around to your way of blogging (thinking) when she gets just a bit older.
      I did make my sister another pie and we managed to eat it before anything weird could happen, except maybe a little heartburn :0)

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