Thanksgiving Busy Activities for Kids

{Written by: The Mama}

First off let me say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

This year my husband and I will be taking our kids and spending the holiday with his family. They live in a pretty remote town about 90 miles east of us. Unfortunately, the distance really tears us apart and we don’t get to his parents or siblings, nieces and nephews as often as we would like. This year I absolutely am looking forward to spending time with all the kids. I figure I can help distract while everyone else cooks 😉

My intentions are to bring lots of coloring supplies – crayons, markers, paper, Thanksgiving coloring pages, and stickers.

I’m also going to try to revive a Thanksgiving craft from my childhood. When my brothers and I were little my mom always gave us paper grocery bags to turn into Indian vests. They are very simple to make and a perfect distraction for kids.

Take the paper grocery bag and cut a slit from the top of the bag all the way to the bottom, continue cutting into the bottom of the bag creating a large opening, this will be the neck hole (turn the bag so the flat bottom is facing the ceiling and you will see what I mean). Next cut some arm holes. You can now turn the bag inside out to hide the grocery store logo. We used to like to turn the bottom of the vest (which was originally the top of the bag) into fringe but making lots of vertical cuts.

Next go to town decorating. Your kids can add anything they want to these vests, marker, crayon, feathers, glitter, stickers.

I’m also hoping to make some feather headbands too, like these cute ones from Smart! School {House}

My goal is to get the kids excited about Thanksgiving and hopefully get the 2 teenagers to join in too.

I really wanted to make these adorable Turkey Treat Bags by Clean & Scentsible for the kids, but have procrastinated too long and I don’t thing I’ll be able to gather the supplies in time.

Other cute crafts I have stumbled upon for Thanksgiving that we are going to try to squeeze in are these cute turkey/hand print pom poms from Mom On Timeout

I hope you enjoy these crafts as much as I will and if you get a chance, stop by these ladies’ blogs for more cute crafts.

Also, just a heads up we will not be posting anything tomorrow, we will be busy enjoying family time. We will hopefully be back on Friday, but I can’t promise anything.

Happy Holiday!



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