Found Objects Wind Chime

{Written by: The Mrs.}

I recently made this wind-chime from all found objects (except the crystals). What is even more interesting is that I found all of these items at my house under our old deck that we just recently pulled up. Since I found all the items in my yard, they sort of called out to me, “put us back together.” It was such an odd assortment of goodies, yes I said goodies. I love this sort of free find.
Here’s what I found:
  • 3-spoons
  • 2-forks
  • 2-rusty red metal hearts
  • 1-tent pole
  • And a miscellaneous O-ring thingy

I had always wanted to try bending and curling silverware, and now I had my opportunity. This is old silver-plate cutlery and not the good stuff so it was heavy and strong; not like todays flimsy everyday silverware you bend in your ice cream.
The method that finally worked for bending it was a pair of pliers and my husband’s heavy-duty vice. I hammered the spoons on the vice with a ball pean hammer. I then drilled holes in the end of the handles with a drill press, then strung it all with some crystals I had lying around and hung them from the tent pole.
Now my found trash is a pretty looking and pretty sounding wind-chime hanging over the new patio. I love a good pile of trash! {Sorry for the bad pictures, this was hard to photograph.}

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