Fabric Pumpkins

{Written by: The Mrs.}

I thought I would try one more post involving pumpkins after all they do fall into the fall decor theme (get it -haha, I know lame). These were very simple to make and I used only on hand items, no shopping. Hello inexpensive projects!

Just take a circle of fabric and make a light basting stitch around the outside edge. I used embroidery thread. Then fill with batting and pull your basting stitch closed to make a ball. I then used more embroidery thread on a needle, not machine, insert the threaded needle into the bottom center and out through the top center spacing each one to create wedges. the tighter you pull the thread will create a more squat pumpkin. I finished them off with fabric leaves that I free hand drew and cut with pinking shears and stitched to highlight the centers.  When that was done I thought, cute but they still need something…. so  I embellished with pearls, buttons and bows.
Cute, quick and free.
Happy Fall!

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