Pasta Storage

{Written by: Jen}

So last weekend while were doing our weekly grocery shopping we snagged up a 12 pack of Smart Water. We drank 3 in the first day of having them, and I kept thinking to myself, that the bottles seemed like they should have a second life. Then I thought, hey, this would hold spaghetti perfectly. It would stay fresh, be easy to pour, and heck I’m way to cheap to buy fancy pasta storage containers (even though my inner OCD loves all thing organized – I can fantasize shop at the Container Store ALL DAY).

Upon the birth of this brilliant idea I washed the couple empties we had on hand and set to typing up a few labels in a good ol’ Word document. I dream I will one day own a lovely Silhouette Cameo, but until those stars aline I am stuck with Word, printer paper and good old-fashioned scissors.

Peeling the old Smart Water labels off left just the right amount of sticky residue to adhere my fancy schmancy labels; a layer of clear packing tape over top probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Well, there you have it. Easy, cheap, storage solution.



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