The Park Bench Cafe

{Written by: Susi}

For the last two weeks I have been visiting my sister, my nephews and my mom in Huntington Beach, CA. I try to make this visit a few times a year.

While I’ve been here I have gotten the opportunity to check out what southern California has to offer, like the Long Beach Antique Market, and today the Park Bench Cafe.

The Park Bench is a quaint little cafe in Huntington in Central Park on Goldenwest Boulevard. The outdoor seating is dog friendly with doggie water bowls provided. They serve breakfast and lunch. The portions were a great size and very reasonably priced {about $8-9 per plate}.

My mom ordered the Garden Burger with very good avocados. I enjoyed the Bacon Cheeseburger, and my sister had the Chicken Quesadilla {which she said had a lot of chicken in it}. This was a great little stop in our day and I would definitely recommend you try it if you are ever in the area.

Have you stumbled upon any new restaurants lately?



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