Nursery Bunting

{Written by: Susi}

Feeling crafty, I made this bunting for my granddaughters’ bedroom a few weeks ago. I have tons of fabric lying around including lots of scraps of past sewing projects from the nursery when Taylor was still a newborn.


  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Pom-Poms

I made a quick template for the bunting flags to keep them all the same size. I used pinking shears to cut out all of the fabric for a cute decorative edge. Once everything was cut out I lined up all of my pieces. I made this bunting reversible with different fabric on each side. I then measured the ribbon about 2 1/2 feet longer than I needed so there would be some slack to hang it with. I pinned everything into place and headed to the sewing machine. Once everything was sewn together I embellished a little more by stitching a few pom poms in between. These could probably have been glued as well but I didn’t want to risk one falling off and have Molly choke on it. That child puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.

It is an adorable addition to their pink and green owl/woodland themed bedroom. More on their room at a later date, we promise.

Have you made a bunting before? What materials did you use? Was it for an event or for everyday?



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