Long Beach Antique Market

{Written by: Susi}

I saw a great sign today it read “I’ll know it when I see it.” Well this is exactly my take on decorating, arranging and collecting. My collections and arrangements are constantly in a state of flux as I try to make room for the next great find.

If you have to have it then you know. I’ve talked myself out of many great finds only to rush back the next day to regretfully see that someone else “just knew it too.”
Oh well, it was not meant to be. This is my enticement . A new day another hunt.
This week I was lucky enough to get to go to the Long Beach, CA Antique Market. What a great shopping day. I picked up an old salvaged window ($18), a vintage tambourine ($8), a pocket motorcycle game ($8) ,antique walking cane ($5), an old tin funnel ($5), a small garden gate ($8) and a wooden bench ($35).  I even saw Angelo Surmelis of HGTV’s Rate My Space.
Nothing is quite as satisfying as having a successful, inexpensive shopping day, especially in a town so far from home.

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