Pretzel Roll Sliders

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a recipe so much as a yummy idea of something to eat. I have recently discovered pretzel rolls at our local Costco. I am a total pretzel lover, especially soft pretzels. Also, a fan of a good melted ham and cheese sandwich I thought it would be a perfect combination with the pretzel rolls.

I sliced all of the pretzels in half and slightly hollowed the top pieces so that they wouldn’t be too bready.

Then I scoured my fridge for my ingredients. I mixed up a simple honey mustard with French’s Spicy Brown Mustard and Clover Honey. The only cheese I had on hand was provolone and shredded fiesta blend but they worked just fine.

I went to town assembling everything, slathering both tops and bottoms of the sliders with the honey mustard mixture. Then I filled the little hole I created  in the top (when I hollowed out some of the extra bread) with the shredded cheese. I added a half of a slice of the provolone on top of that and then 4 pieces of my smoked Oscar Meyer deli ham, then the other half of a slice of provolone and topped with the other piece of pretzel.

Now that the assembly was finished I loosely covered my entire cookie sheet of sliders with a piece of tin foil to prevent the rolls from over browning and placed into a 375 degree oven. I checked on them after about 10 minutes and every 1-2 minutes after that until I had reached my desired cheese meltiness.

Each time I opened the oven my husband would ask me, “Is it done yet?” He said the smell was killing him and he even managed to take a breath when scarfing them down to tell me how good they were.

I’ve tried these a few different ways now with different deli meats and cheeses and even a variety that involved sausage. So good. The possibilities are endless. These would probably be great with bacon and slice of tomato too….mmmmm



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