Sewing Accessory Caddy

{Written by: Susi}

My daughter gave me this awesome sewing box. Her husband’s grandmother had given it to her and since she doesn’t have a space to keep it {anywhere other than in a box in the garage in her current rental} she suggested I keep it in my craft/guest room.

When she gave it to me it had a plastic faux wood veneer with tan hooks and caddies. It was a little outdated.

I started with a clean coat of white spray paint.

Huge improvement, immediately. I apologize for not having a before picture.

From there I wanted to redo the top of the box. It orinally had a worn down pin cushion attached to it. I recovered the pin cushion in a new piece of white felt and hot glued everything in place. Then I hot glued gray felt roses around the outside edge.

While it is still equally functional {it has movable hooks, opens to reveal more storage and sits on a lazy susan} it is much prettier to look at.



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