Bedazzled Birdcage

{Written by: Susi}

I found this cool little birdcage on an a whim when I was scouting out A to Zen Thrift in Carson City, NV for just $4. The coolest feature, is that it has a built-in wind-up working music box.

When I found it, it was a worn minty green color and slightly bent. That just wouldn’t do. Years have past and both Jen and I have played around with different ideas, painting, silver leafing. Finally I decided I would give it a clean glossy coat of black paint. From there it was all about the details.

I mod-podged some small torn pieces of scrapbook paper that had music notes scrolled across it to the bottom of the cage to look like the lining of a real birdcage and added a thin layer of glitter over that. On to the “feeder” cups, I added a little bit of florist moss and two tiny little button flowers.

I picked up the bird at our local Michael’s Craft Store; I glittered it with some fine grain Martha Stewart glitter and added the rhinestone eyes. With that I glued the bird in place on its swing with a few more rhinestones.

The outside of the cage was covered with individual pearl beads and rhinestones that I glued on using Alene’s All Purpose Craft Glue. This project was a bit time-consuming but as you can see, well worth the effort.

There is just something so pretty and sweet about a birdcage. What are your recent inexpensive thrift store treasures?

Rooted In Thyme


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