Alice In Wonderland Trinket Box

{Written by: Susi}

This was a quick and easy little birthday gift I made for Jen this year. I purchased this little wooden box from Michael’s Craft Store. A while back I picked up an old used copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland and thought the illustrations would be perfect to mod podge with. I gave the little box a coat of black paint and selected several drawings from the book. I used mod podged some scrap paper in the inside bottom and lid of the box and added a few illustrations to the outside and inner rim. I added a few felt rose accents and a small felt heart inside. I also glued a pearl bead to the top of the box to act as a knob to open and close.


To finish everything off I wanted to add a “Drink Me” potion. I found a very tiny glass cork bottle. Inside is a concoction of food coloring, oil, and water. I added a small label and string to the outside and glued the heck out of everything to keep anything from coming uncorked.

To complete the gift I filled it full of bottles of Jen’s favorite nail polishes.

What have you made out of those little wooden trinket boxes from Michael’s?



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