Toddler Tutu

{Written by: Jen}

This cute little tutu and headband combo was a birthday gift Susi made for Taylor’s 2nd birthday.


  • Glittery Pink Tulle
  • Ribbon
  • Pink Stretchy Headband

A simple loop and knot technique was used tie strips of tulle to a premeasured lenght of ribbon that fit Taylor’s waist. You could also use a piece of elastic as well. Another small little piece of the tulle was attached to the headband and BAM! Project complete.

Taylor has already out grown this outfit but Molly will get to enjoy it now.


One thought on “Toddler Tutu

  1. Never did get to see this on her she was a little tired and kind of afraid of it. Oh we’ll maybe Molly will like it. – the Mrs.

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