Mother’s Day

{Written by: Jen}

Yes, I am aware that Mother’s Day is in May, not September. This was a project I created as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom and my mother in law this year. Really though, you could use it for other holiday gifts too, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Christmas…


This is another inexpensive and fast project. Total for both that I made cost me under $10. I found the frames on sale at Michael’s Craft Store.


  • Backless Glass Frames
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scotch tape

This project was easy enough. I grabbed a notebook I had on hand, but really any scratch paper will work. I traced my husband’s hand, my own hand, and our two children. It won’t matter which hand you use, in the instance of this project the direction of our hands flip-flopped from hand to hand; simply turn over the template you are making when tracing onto the scrapbook paper.

Once all the hands were traced onto the scratch paper I cut them all out and played with them until I found a layout I liked. Once I saw what I wanted I traced my scratch templates onto the scrapbook paper I had chosen. I then cut all of those out carefully and placed them under the glass. To keep them from slidding around between the two pieces of the glass frame I rolled some scotch tape (you could use double sided tape) and taped the hands in place. Put the frame back together, and your done!

What do you think? Would you enjoy receiving this as a gift? What Mother’s Day gifts have you handmade and given before?



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